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Garner State Park, Texas

Adventure itches are hard to quell, your mind wanders and begins to day dream of possible spots to visit. Places to explore, and new things to see and do. While summer sneaked up on me, my plans with the little ones wasn’t as grand as I had originally hoped for. (Sadly, there was no rocket ship building, and no road trip across the country planned out yet– maybe next year) BUT, that didn’t stop our adventure itch from ceasing, oh no… cooped up inside a house for several days (just one) my children and dog were going crazy. As well as me, we needed an outlet, an escape. We needed to be in the outdoors, climbing hills, and taking pictures, jumping in rivers, and soaking up the sun.

Therefore, Garner State Park was the way to go.


The place was fresh, it beat the heat from my city and the water was just as beautiful as the scenery above the hills.

It was just what we needed, the water was the perfect remedy for the hot days to come, dipping our feet in the refreshing water after a nice hike through one of their trails was honestly the best thing out there. It was also very fun to look for tadpoles and other fishes in the area. My boys learned how to skip rocks (failing miserably, but still having fun), as we looked for birds and all other kinds of amazing things outdoors.

finding tadpoles by the frio river (note: no tadpoles were actually harmed and it was released soon afterwards)

It was honestly just what  we needed, and just what we needed to curve the adventure itch for now…

Still, as fun was it was going on a spontaneous trip even for a day, my family and I are pretty excited on our future camping trips as well. Especially if it means being outdoors a little bit longer.



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Buffalo Bayou

Nestled in Houston, I found out there are a lot of parks… and I do mean a lot, which is surprising for a big city. In my home town, there isn’t any big trails or huge parks like the ones in Austin, Tomball, or Houston. But that’s beside’s the point, (it has some good qualities though…) Driving to Houston, I got many recommendations to go to Buffalo Bayou and check out the scenery as well as go for a run. It didn’t disappoint.

Though traffic took most of the time away (mostly due to construction, but it happens), I was still glad to be able to see just a glimpse of this beautiful park, as well as take some really nice pictures, and meet different people. This place looks promising to go on a long run or to go for a walk and get some exercise. Not only that, but it also has some neat spots for picnics and for families with kids.


The park was nice, there were people kayaki and canoeing on the river, dog owners running and walking with their pups, some runners and bicyclist enjoying the daily stroll and exercise, families soaking up the sun, and even some people just enjoying the scenery, like myself. Overall, I didn’t feel alone or stood out, in fact, I fell at ease. And though the city is roaring with life, and people weren’t overreacting when they said it was a big city. I planned terribly and didn’t take into account how far away some of my destinations where or how much traffic there was, to go see all of them. However, even though I didn’t get to see everything I wanted, and take pictures of everything, my decision to stop by and see a bit of Houston, was honestly a great idea. Even if I had to put Galveston on hold, I wasn’t disappointed with what I saw. Buildings towered over the city, looking out of place when we were in the park. The more I walked, the more I would think I left Houston and ventured off to a different land; my fascination with greenery and outdoors was cured only a fraction with all of the sights. I fell in love with the park over and over again, with every click, there was a smile on my face, taking in the scenery and trying to capture it all. After all, “Pictures or it didn’t happen” tends to be my motto lately.

The lush green grass and trees around the area made the walk and exercise very relaxing, and though there were spots where there was no shade, it was still a great experience. Plus, I got some great pictures too. So overall, Buffalo Bayou, was a nice and relaxing place to go, even if I had to drive about 45 mins to see it. I’m tempted to drive the five hours plus just to go finish exploring this beautiful park. Hopefully, next time I can actually be able to see more than just a glimpse of this beautiful place, along with all other great spots in Houston.

What are some MUST see places and sights to behold in Houston, Texas, that you recommend.


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Houston, Texas

My trip has lead me down to Houston (or as others like to call it “H-town”) before I have to head back home and be a responsible adult. (Against better judgement, but I digress). 

Houston was… different. I have been to Austin and San Antonio and I don’t believe they could compare to how big Houston was. Even I didn’t expect for it to be so separated from each other.

Though I didn’t get to go explore as much as I had originally wanted (thank you detours and traffic), the things I did see were very interesting and I would hope to be able to go back and see more of it. I heard Chinatown has amazing things, especially snacks that I can’t find in my city. Along with museums and some awesome trails to hike. Alas, although it might have been a fleeting look, Houston looked like it had so many cool and amazing opportunities to go exploring. But that traffic….. oh lord, that traffic.

Still, I can’t wait to post up my pics of the small walk I did in one of Houston’s amazing parks: Buffalo Bayou.


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It’s official 

One of my goals is to hike big bend, and I’m one step closer to reaching it. Along with having to increase my endurance, my strength, and my distance in walks & runs. I have already started looking into supplies I would be needing.

This is where REI (the store) comes in.

Now, in my city we don’t have this store even close to us. So I had two options: drive 2 hours to Austin, or drive 28 mins to Houston.

Since I was in Tomball, I decided to go to Houston and visit. (Note: if I was in my city it would be 3 hours to Austin & 5 hours to Houston)

So being there I decided to look around. And I wasn’t disappointed. Overwhelmed, to be honest. But not disappointed. Thankfully, the employees at REI helped me out and explain to a novice like myself what I would need and how to see what would be good for me to use. (Thank you, to the lady who helped me find the right shoes for me!!)

That being said I had only gone out to see and I came out with: 

Now I got two backpacks because one was for trips while the other was for my school and quick trips I would need to do. That being said, I get butterflies just seeing my new bags because it makes me realize that I’m one step closer to my goal.

I have officially started moving towards it. Gone is the dream that I want to do it. Now I have started moving towards it. And I couldn’t be any happier. Now I need to start saving for other items I would need. Next up: shoes…. and I’m eyeing the KEEN ones to be specific. It was love.

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Burroughs Park/Trail

Tomball, Texas isn’t what I genuinely expected. Though my explorations have only lead me to a tip of the area, I did find a nice place that I would love to continue to visit; and it made a great hike for a novice like myself.

Burroughs Park


scenic doesn’t even cover it, this place felt like I walked away from the city and into The Shire (*). Now, don’t get me wrong, my hometown has some good parks (a few, but some) though they aren’t as green or as peaceful as this one. And i’m sure there are more out there for me to explore and see… but so far, this one is just the first, and as I dipped my toe (figuratively, they had a sign that said “do not feed the alligator(s), so I didn’t want to intrude.) into the waters, I honestly fell in love with it. IMG_7056

They have a nice catch and release spot, several playgrounds (perfect if I brought my kids with me), a nice small paved area to run at


and of course, the thing that won my heart, the trials. Now, in all honesty, I haven’t been an outdoor girl, mention bugs and the chances are, I’ll probably run away (far away) from it. But, something about being in the outdoors, away from busy streets, and so many people was really soothing. Gone were my worries of class, I wasn’t caught up in thinking about random things like laundry and dishes, I wasn’t worried about anything other than being able to enjoy all of this and taking pictures and practicing my photography skills (it’s a hobby). In all seriousness, the area was vast and serene (though surprisingly, no spiders). I was in awe with the large trees towering over me, the wind blowing through and being able to hear it, and the only noise was those who were also walking around or your own feet moving about on the trails (along with the occasional bunny or bird moving about). For my first time hiking, it was very peaceful, and very addicting. I fell in love with it, I fell in love with the tranquility and the “what will I find next”, and though it was my first time ever hiking, it was overall a great enjoyment and a great experience.

I can’t wait to come back here again and if you are ever in the area, this place is amazing to go to. Even with kids.